Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Hull Child and Family Services has a long-standing
tradition of caring for kids and families.

Our history began in the 1880s with William Roper Hull,
a pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, whose
greatest legacy was his commitment to kids.

Today at Hull we carry on this tradition by helping
many of our community's most troubled children and families.
  • Hull Child and Family Services helps some of the most severely disturbed children and troubled families in Southern Alberta.
  • Hull is a registered charity governed by a volunteer board made up of members who bring their commitment and talents to help achieve our mission.
  • Hull Child and Family Services provides a full range of services from prevention to intensive residential treatment. Of the well over 600 clients we serve daily, two-thirds live in community settings.
  • Hull Child and Family Services received the majority of our operating funds from Calgary Rocky View Child and Family Services, the Calgary Board of Education and other public funding bodies. However, we could not provide our services without community, corporate and private support.

  • Our children are our number one priority and our best investment in the future.
  • Our clients want, and have the ability, to change their lives.
  • Children, wherever possible, are best cared for in families in the community.
  • Prevention and early-intervention are the most effective and cost efficient ways of helping at-risk children.
  • We strive to meet the total needs of each individual child.
  • For many of our kids and families, a long-term commitment and a consistent follow-through of support is vital to their success.
  • We respect the cultural heritage of all of our cilents, appreciating the unique needs of Aboriginal children and families.
  • We are accountable to our clients, our community and our funders.

Hull's clients are as diverse as the communities we serve. Our young people are both girls and boys who range in age from infancy to over 30 years old. Usually our kids and families are not "single problem clients," but present a combination of the following:
  • Children who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Children with behavioural difficulties, emotional disturbances and mental health disorders.
  • Youth who are out of control, living on the streets, delinquent or attempting suicide.
  • Young people with learning disabilities, attention deficit, developmental delays and physiological challenges.
  • Families who struggle with poverty, parenting and isolation.

  • Children enjoy a life which is safe, stable and caring.
  • Children develop skills for healthy living.
  • Children attain educational success and develop employment readiness.
  • Children have a positive view of themselves and their cultural background.
  • Families are able to provide for the needs of their children.
  • Children, young adults, and families become responsible, valued members of our community.

  • Early Intervention (a growing group of community-based services that include the PATCH Project, Lasting Impressions, Fast Track and COPE).
  • Specialized Collaborative Initiatives (Transitions, Bridging the Gap, East Calgary Youth Art Project and the Sunrise Family Literacy Initiative).
  • Family Initiatives (in-home treatment for families).
  • Fostering Connections (foster care).
  • Preadolescent Treatment Program (residential treatment for children with serious emotional, behavioural or mental health disorders).
  • TRACC (residential treatment for troubled adolescents).
  • Radisson Receiving Home (community group residence for assessment and stabilization for children in crisis).
  • Secure Treatment (a confined, short-term setting for high-risk adolescents).
  • Cottage One (residential treatment for adolescents with developmental delays, plus emotional and behavioural problems).
  • Cottage Seven (a residential and day program for severely disturbed children with both developmental disabilities and mental health needs).
  • Interdependent Living Services (supported community living for young adults with social, emotional and behavioural deficits), H.O.P.E. Work Experience.
  • Cedarbrae Teaching Home (a community residence for teaching adolescents with developmental delays and behavioural difficulties).
  • William Roper Hull School (a special education setting for our kids on campus, as well as three satellite sites).
  • HOMES (a program evaluation project).


The CJAY 92 Kid's Fund was setup 5 years ago with a mandate to assist less fortunate families and their children in and around the Calgary area.

We've attempted to keep the CJAY 92 Kid's Fund at a grass roots level. It's been used to help build a wheel chair accessible park in Silver Springs, to replace stolen bicycles as well as for our CJAY 92 Christmas Wish. The Christmas Wish consist of having listeners in Calgary email the names of families who will be facing a bleak Christmas. We then personalize gifts and deliver them to the doors of those needy families. Included with the gifts is a cash donation. We have had tremendous success with the Christmas Wish we are now going to continue the giving throughout the year.

90% of money raised comes from our yearly CJAY 92 Charity Rock Auction. We collect autographed items and offer them up for auction to the public 2005 marked the 6th year of the rock auction and it just gets better every year.
We also garner donations through generous Calgarians and companies. We've rarely asked for them and have relied on the kindness of others for additional donations.
If you are interested in assisting the CJAY 92 Kid's Fund please feel free to contact myself at or my direct line of 240-5859.

Ben Jeffery
Event Coordinator
CJAY 92 Charity Rock Auctions/ Kid's Fund 

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