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In 2007, The Oilympics were proud to raise $100,000 for The Kids Cancer Care Foundation and $25,000 for The Boys and Girls Club.

The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is a coordinated, integrated community based organization designed to holistically bring together all the knowledge and resources needed by children with cancer and those whHelping kids with cancer is what the KKCFA is all about!o love and care for them.
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta specifically benefits children who are living with cancer and their families by providing programs and funding in three Project areas: Camps & Community Outreach, Clinical Support and Pediatric Oncology Research.

This holistic, well-rounded approach to the support of children with cancer helps to ensure not only a recovery in the physical sense but in heart and mind as well.

Fourteen years ago there were few programs in Alberta designed to help children adjust to a cancer diagnosis or adapt to the frightening course of treatment. In 1991 a group called Kids Cancer Camps developed what has now become an array of internationally recognized life strengthening opportunities for children in different stages of cancer treatment and their siblings, who are directly impacted by cancer's social and psychological effects.

In 1999 Kids Cancer Camps expanded its mandate to address the holistic needs of children with cancer. Today we are the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, and along with sending kids with cancer to camp, we raise funds to support pediatric oncology research and clinical support.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is passionately dedicated to helping young people and their families affected by cancer survive and thrive in body, mind and spirit.

A cure for every child, care for every family.

Deeply Held Core Values

  • Respect - to speak and act in consideration of others needs and views

  • Trust - to believe in the honorable intent of others and their genuine love for children with cancer

  • Responsibility - to fulfill our duty to each other, the community, our partners and those who invest in the battle against childhood cancer

  • Fairness - to speak and act with consideration and honesty in the work we do and the decisions we make

  • Caring - to show compassion and consideration keeping the kids our number one priority in order to help them battle their illness from a position of strength

The Facts About Childhood Cancer
Cancer continues to be the number one disease killing children from age six months through to young adulthood. It is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children. In Alberta, approximately 100 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.

The treatment and cure for these children is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week process requiring specialized care. The odds of winning the battle against childhood cancers are getting better for each patient. Over the last 50 years, progress in the development of effective treatments and cures for children with cancer has been one of the undisputed success stories in modern medicine. Long term survivors of all types of treatment including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy including the use of more intensive treatment regimes, have produced this dramatic increase in survival rates. But, certain types of childhood cancer have not yet yielded to research and there are still many children who don't survive.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is a registered charity, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and managed by an experienced management team.


For over 67 years, the mission of Boys and Girls Club has been to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

In all of its programs and services, the Boys and Girls Club focuses on identifying and creating opportunities that help young people acquire the building blocks to successful futures. From recreation and leadership programs to a runaway and homeless shelter, our programs and services are community-based providing life-enhancing skills and support to create positive outcomes for children, youth and their families.

An example of this is our Street Teams / Side Door program.  This program provides public education, outreach services, basic essentials, and emotional support for youth who are at-risk or victimized by homelessness and/or sexual exploitation through prostitution.

This program consists of four components:

1) Drop In
Operating out of the attic of Avenue 15, this facility provides homeless youth with basic hygiene items, warm meals, showers, computers, and laundry facilities along with the emotional support they need to get back on their feet. The primary focus of the storefront location is to provide support for youth who are reluctant to access shelters.

2) Street Outreach
Street Teams / Side Door concentrates on areas where there are a high number of homeless youth, as well as areas where youth are at-risk of sexual exploitation. Such areas include malls, LRT stations, Olympic Plaza, adult shelters and the Stephen Avenue mall. Teams walk through these areas and provide on-street support, intervention and referrals. For youth that may not be homeless or sexually exploited Street Teams / Side Door provides information on the risks of homelessness and how to increase personal safety on the streets. 

3) One on One Support
Street Teams / Side Door provides follow up support and case management to youth on a regular basis, non-intrusive crisis intervention, on-going support, assistance, and referrals to other community agencies. Through conversation, workers can also assess each youth’s emergency needs (shelter, food, medical attention, drug/alcohol treatment etc.). Referrals are made to a network of local social service agencies and hospitals. They may provide transportation to shelters, offer food hampers, and provide information on health and safety. 

As the relationship develops, Street Teams / Side Door youth workers begin to challenge and discuss alternatives to street life always recognizing and remembering that this transition is difficult.  For many clients it takes several attempts to leave the streets and maintain a more stable lifestyle. 

4) Public Education and Awareness
Street Teams / Side Door provides presentations for Calgary youth, parents, and community groups about the risks and realities of sexual exploitation through prostitution and/or homelessness and street life. 

Youth Gear Up

Modeled after the adult Winter Tune Up, the Youth Gear Up event is intended for youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The sad reality is that for some of these youth they do not have a family that will accept them back home; others are battling with addictions or emotional issues and have estranged themselves from people they once were able to depend upon.  The goal of this event is to provide the youth with essential supplies to help them prepare for the winter season but most importantly to connect them to services that can work on finding them an alternate solution to the streets.

This annual one day event is a partnership with the Youth Criminal Defence Office, Inner City Resource Network, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, City of Calgary, AADAC, Red Cross.  All of the agencies donate their time towards organizing this event. 

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