Charities - 2017


Children's Cottage Society
Amount Donated:  $65,000


Since 1986, the Children's Cottage Society has been dedicated to preventing harm and neglect to Calgary children and building strong families through support services, respite programs and crisis nurseries. We are a recognized leader in providing effective programs and services to help ensure Safe Children in Healthy Families. In 2016, 2,774 children from 1,507 families found the supports they needed through the services provided by the Children’s Cottage.
These families come from diverse cultural and socioeconomic populations in Calgary. Our goal is to help families stay together – equipped with the knowledge and tools to create healthier, safe environments for their children. We accomplish this through our Crisis Nursery, Home Visiting Programs and Brenda’s House which is a homeless shelter for children and their families. 
We are proud to be celebrating 30 years of caring, and to have supported more than 60,000 children during a time of crisis in their lives.