The Jeff Toews Memorial Trophy is awarded each year to the participant that is deemed to best understand the nature and spirit of not only the Oilympic Hockey Tournament but also the nature and spirit of our industry and community. We like to say, "He/She gets it!"

Jeff Toews was definitely one of those people. He came to the tournament every year with the intention of making the most of his visit to Calgary through the tournament. His company sponsored a team, he played on the ice and in the lounge after games, and he generously supported the many charities of tournament. Jeff had perfect attendance at the BASH each and every year! He loved each and every facet of this annual event!

Jeff was tragically taken from us while on vacation in Mexico in the spring of 2007. We hope that this trophy and award will allow his wonderful spirit to be honoured and carried on through our tournament.
The 2018 Jeff Toews Memorial Trophy is sponsored by;


Award Recipients:

2018 Doug Hartle
2017 Lance Moran
2016 Doug Burton
2015 Tim Gibbs
2014 Reece Kosek
2013 Harvey Hall
2012 Dean Mikalauskas
2011 Ken Zandee
2010 Tom Donnelly
2009 John Gough
2008 John Davidson